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  Dalian Universal Human Resources Co.,Ltd  Introduction of Training (Trainer: Shijing Xie)



Parent-Child Relationships and Interpersonal relationship

7 hours

How a person's early environment directly or indirectly links psychologically to their current demeanor and emotion, words and actions, pleasure and pain, success and failure, sensitivity and insensitivity.
From the perspective of developmental psychology, understanding "general rules of individual psychological development"; understanding psychological needs of individuals in stages - age 18 to 60; understanding how past "trauma" and disharmony of the parent-child relationship" may confuse people psychologically; how psychological problems and obstacles, the roots of psychological disease, may affect today's work and life.
Understanding the psychological rules of adulthood that apply from ages 18-60 that enhance self awareness; to understand the attitude necessary to carry out effective staff development.


Awareness of Mental Health

and Control mental stress

7 hours

Physical and Mental health as the premise of a job.
Training in how Stress relates to Health and can produce physical disorders. Provides a self-awareness of how to prevent physical and mental illness and find gratification in one's work.


(Report, Communicate, Consult)

14 hours (2 days)

Implementation of a team's working methods within society and as members of the organization's most important system.
HORENSO is not only a facilitation of communication but also "work practice" as the basis for organizational members to succeed in their jobs.
Mastering higher levels of HORENSO improves the workplace environment, team cohesion, interpersonal communication, and job performance so that business goals are achieved.

Using American John Wiley & Sons's DiSC assessment tool to improve teamwork and leadership. American John Wiley & Sons's DiSC assessment tool has been published in 70 countries for more than 4,500 confirmed users.

Maximizing Your Advantages as a Manager
(DiSC 1)

7 hours

Directed toward senior managers; promotion of mutual understanding among managers, lowering psychological barriers, and acceptance of others' differences in order to advance collaboration, unity, and the establishment of a "common destiny" to reach business goals.
The DiSC theory, based on awareness of environment, divides human action tendencies into 4 types; D (Dominance), i (Inducement), S (Submission), C (Compliance). The DiSC system teaches people to understand how their behavior and the behavior of others affects communication and promotes actions for greater understanding to achieve communication goals.
How the Manager releases the biggest potential of each employee
(Everything DiSC Management)

7 hours

Learn how the DiSCģ style reflects the role of a manager
Discovering how their management style influences their approach to decision-making, time management, and problem solving.
Learn about your natural directing and delegating style.
Learn how you affect the motivation of others.
Learn about your natural style of developing others.
Consider how your manager might see you;Discover different approaches for getting buy-in from your manager.
The Productive Conflict
(Everything DiSC Productive Conflict)

7 hours

To improve the participant's self-awareness around conflict behaviors.
It isnít about conflict resolution; rather, itís focused on our responses in conflict. To help you curb destructive thoughts and behaviors so that conflict can become more productive, improving the working environment and the workplace relationships.
Leadership Traing
(Work of Leaders)

7 hours

"The best practices of The Work of Leaders" come from analyzing the work of the best known leadership researchers and authors, from consulting with 300 leadership develoopment experts in more than 150 organizations, and from collecting and analyzing hundreds of thousands of item responsesb from leaders and their followers.
The tool is able to help you improve the work you do every day and become a more effective leader.


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